A great perk of my job at Nokia is obviously getting cool Nokia devices to use / play with (currently the proud owner of a Nokia E90). But being a gadget lover also means I’m interested in other companies’ devices as well. I’ve previously owned Samsungs and Motorolas, as well as played with some other brands. But for some reason, I’ve never had a chance to use a SonyEricsson. Well, as luck will have it, I found a way to get my hands on not one, but three SE devices next month, for a week each. I believe one of them is a Symbian device too. It’ll be interesting to use non-Nokia phones for a while… I’m still debating whether I should stop using my E90 completely during that time, i.e. use the SE phones as my primary (and only) device. It’ll be tough… I’ll be really lost without my E90, but we’ll see.

Here are the devices that I’ll be getting, in order:

  1. SonyEricsson M600i
  2. SonyEricsson W880i
  3. SonyEricsson K800i

I’m sure there are lots of reviews on these phones already, but mine will be a story about a Nokia user thrown into an SE world. I’m starting with the Symbian-based M600i to ease the transition a little bit. If there’s anything specific you’d like me to find out about any of the devices, please let me know. Otherwise I won’t be doing any thorough reviews, but just using them for daily tasks that I might use my E90 (and other Nokias) for.

December adventures in Finland with 3 SE phones. Stay tuned.

Comfy shoes for running in Frankfurt airport


No need to run in Copenhagen. In fact, had some time to shop. Stared at the stuff in nice stores but didn’t buy anything.


Last leg of the trip, boarding a Bombardier CRJ of Cimber Air, to Tampere-Pirkkala airport. I was the last on the plane coz I was busy taking pictures (actually the guy on the right was also taking pics with his N95!)

After checking in at hotel, took a walk around town… beautiful fall colours and comfortable temperature. If only the weather is like this all year round!

Show us your favorite pair of shoes. 
Submitted by ♥Retro

How did I miss this vox hunt? Haha… well, I'll admit I do have a lot of shoes, but from my research, most women have just as much if not more. My favorite pair? That's tough… so I'll just pick my current favorite pair:

Bought them a couple weeks ago and been wearing them almost everyday. They are really cute and comfy! I stood in them for hours through the Slayer and Marilyn Manson concerts, danced the night away with my friends at Martini Park, trotted along the Las Colinas canals with Marianna and Tanya and their respective S.O. (and later to the Jaiku meet too)… They go with everything – jeans, shorts, skirts etc. And did I mention they are actually comfortable?

Right before this pair, I was smitten (well, still am) with a pair of Nine west heels (below, left). Yeah, I'm fickle and promiscuous with shoes. There's also a pair of bloody red heels (below, right) that I like, but don't wear as often because they aren't very comfortable. Let me rephrase that… they are really uncomfortable. But they look great and I feel really sexy in them. My best friend Megan has a similar pair and she said her friend calls them the "fuck me shoes". Hehe… umm…

Blue suede shoesCheck out the heels of this baby

My greatest love of all is still boots. But I'll leave that to another post…

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Show us your favorite photo of yourself.

Ahhhh… hmmm, I'm not photogenic… AT ALL. So I have to pay for people to doll me up and provide professional lighting and equipment and take pics of me to look half decent in a photo.

Here's a group of such pics taken waaaay back in 1996. The one pictured here is a more current favorite photo.

Update: I guess the Facebook album is only accessible to FB members…. so I created a Twango channel as well. Hmm, I guess I could have uploaded them to Vox? Or Flickr? Ahhh so many choices…

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Vox Hunt: Who?

Posted: 27/08/2007 in Vox blog
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Show us an owl.

What can i say… i'm a night owl. Hoot.

(haha… you can see the reflection of my laptop screen in my glasses)

(pic taken with front camera of N95)

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What are your favorite websites and resources for travel planning?

The usual suspects:

  1. Expedia
  2. Wikitravel
  3. Travelocity
  4. Lowest Fare
  5. Local library (for guide books)
  6. Lots of fare search sites such as Qixo, Side step, Mobissimo etc.

Speaking of Wikitravel, their "Off the beaten path" destination for this month is my new home, Tampere, Finland!

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This is a test with the Vox app. Not the online share function in gallery.

Update: it works! Whatleydude can you see this? (It also worked from my E62 a while back.)

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Read about this on Surya's VOX.

Cooldesak is a Community Portal for Nokia Nseries users in Indonesia. If you register with the site, you'll get:

  1. 2 months extended warranty for your Nseries device
  2. Free WI-FI access at more than 500 hotspots
  3. Free content download for your devices

Don't know much else since most of the site is in Indonesian. But I wonder if other similar sites exist for different countries or regions? The free hotspots idea is definitely great. And it's an interesting (effective?) way to build community and brand loyalty.

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When was the last time you made a drastic change to your personal style (i.e., wardrobe, hairstyle, etc.)? What did you do? 
Submitted by miyna.

I don't know how drastic a change this is, but it sure was "fun". Here's the post about it on my main blog (mainly links to the Flickr pics that tells the story), but the real drama was on Jaiku.

What happened on Jaiku? I received lots of comments and suggestions when I mentioned about cutting my hair short, posted a pic of me in short/long styles, made an appointment with the salon, contemplated some possible styles, said goodbye to my looooong hair, sat in the salon doing the deed, and finally presented my new hairdo

Never had so much fuss over my hair! haha… although the conversation at times veered from hair to schoolgirls to metrosexuals to eyebrow extensions and back to school girls… the power of Jaiku.

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What decision changed the course of your life? 
Submitted by Ally.

Quite a few major ones throughout my life so far, but a recent one will be this: Moving to Finland.

Well, I'm still in the process of making it happen, but the decision has been made. As for how it will change my life, the story is yet to be told. Stay tuned.

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